Parking is free in Stayner!

October 03, 2011 9:59 AM | Anonymous
We know that our Main Street is a heavily traveled one and if you’re 
having trouble competing for a place to park we want to remind you 
that there are a large number of parking spots just off the beaten 
path. With back alley access at several points along the Main Street, 
the parking areas on Gideon/William and Brock streets can also be very 

The municipal lane and public pathway running north of the lights at 
Perry and Main take you to parking spots at Centennial Park on Brock 
Street. Cut through the alleyway beside Greenview Graphics and you can 
walk south to the parking at the Clearview Administration Centre and the 
parking lot at Huron and Gideon Streets.On the south side of Station Park, 
across the street from the Stayner Library there is also a convenient parking lot. 
At Brock and Main Streets, alongside Coffee Culture there are also more spots.
No meters to feed. Free parking is just steps away.
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